Karthik Group of Companies

KARTHIK GROUP is a business conglomerate of property development, property portfolio management & consulting, Finance, Hospitality, and Event management services. Initially set up as a Real estate & Property Management company with a view of expanding into diverse business verticals. Today, within a short span of time, Karthik Group has its footprints also in the Hospitality, and Finance Sectors.

Website: www.karthikgroup.in

Property Development, Property Consulting & Management Unit

kinfratech- a unit of karthik groupKINFRATECH- Property Development & Consulting, has entered the real estate industry having the right expertise to enhance the standard of design, construction, and living. One of the fastest-growing companies in Dakshina Karnataka, our designs have the right balance of quality and appeal. Providing diverse services – be it Residential Layouts developments, Engineering Services, Construction Planning & Design, custom-developed villas, low-cost budget housing,  residential apartments, Property Consulting & Property Portfolio Management, Rentals & Leasing of Commercial business office spaces, PWD works for government projects.

Website: www.kinfratech.com

Hospitality & Travel Management Unit

KSIGN – Hospitality wing of Karthik Group. We have a broad portfolio of services – we specialize in designing event venues, and guest house facilities for a corporate and private gatherings. Having knowledge in the hospitality sector, we can be a great value addition, providing a pool of the right resources at every stage of your venture. Our goal is to provide the most comfortable ambiance, service, cuisine, and amenities for customers.

Website: www.ksign.in

Financial Unit

KSTAKE Capital Finance(R) – Financial arm of Karthik Group was launched with a vision to invest in diverse businesses as well as offer a range of financial services to new entrepreneurs, small-time businesses, property buyers, construction developments. Kstake will act as an investor and lend funds in the existing business or in new ventures. This investment would provide a boost to the new setup. In addition, Kstake also engages with other investors to meet the funding requirements of a project. Kstake has a better ability to assess risk as well as price loans and will operate in the market catering to a different sets of populations.

Website: www.karthikgroup.in/kstake.html