July 1, 2017

Housing assistance for the Homeless – Udupi


At KINFRATECH we intend to engage ourselves actively in social initiatives for the betterment of our society. We had one such opportunity to involve us with the project “Pramod Madhwaraj Badavane“ – housing for the homeless, an initiative by the Udupi Municipal Corporation.

The mission of this project was to provide housing for 25 homeless families. Honorable Minister Pramod Madhwaraj along with Udupi municipality and Kinfratech formulated this initiative – “Hosa Belaku – Hosa Baduku” with a vision to bring in a sense of new hope and a new life to these families.

Idea was to make use of the state and central government housing schemes under the Housing for All project for the economically weaker sections clubbed with other benefits that were available under social welfare schemes. But this implementation could be achieved only if the beneficiaries had land in their own names.

This major constraint was cleared by convincing the 25 families to come together and purchase land of 55 cents at a reasonable rate. This idea of uniting the families and subdividing the land using thoughtful ways helped in bringing the individual contributing share to a minimum.

Having invested all their minimal saving on land, the families could not afford any further investment, and using the government funds appropriately was the only hope. Right planning using affordable concepts was the deterministic factor since the entire house had to be completed from start to finish with limited funds available from the state & central government housing schemes

Kinfratech provided engineering assistance, used innovative ideas of thoughtful planning like a common wall, decentralization of amenities, Vastu compliant plan with maximum open spaces. Effective on-time project management, use of alternative innovative raw materials to reduce costs, assisting them in documentation, technical aspects, in coordination with the different department and a perfect synchronization and co-operation from Honourable minister, Udupi Municipal Corporation, Rajiv Gandhi rural housing corporation helped the timely completion of the project and providing additional government infrastructures like water supply, roads, electrification.

Kinfratech feels proud and happy to have volunteered to give free consulting, planning, and overall project management assistance to help the poor get acquainted with the procedures and benefits of this scheme and being a part of realizing their dreams On-Time, On Quality, and On Budget.

Social Initiative